2019 emlyon DBA Coffee Chat︱Shanghai Paris Shenzhen Guangzhou

2019-02-01 ~ 02-28

Driven by global development trends such as globalization, climate change, the rise of individualism and the digital wave, the top leaders are facing a business world that is changing faster, more complex, more integrated and more transparent. While those excellent leaders can always move out of their comfort zone and do transformation for themselves. A DBA program focuses on real-world problems and concerns in management and seeks answers through systematical methodology. It is extremely essential for today’s executives and industry leaders to stay current with global research updates and cutting-edge methodologies. Know both “how” and “why”.

Therefore, doctoral study opens an important door for entrepreneurs and executives to upgrade their dimensions.

Professor Junsong CHEN, Assistant Dean of emlyon business school Asia, Director of emlyon Global DBA Asia Track shares what aspects should you pay attention to when selecting a DBA program. Let’slisten to his voice…

If you also want to constantly challenge yourself, at the beginning of 2019, emlyon Global DBA program invites you to join us Cross Asia - Europe Continents in Shanghai/Paris/Guangzhou/Shenzhen. Let’s discover new careers transformation, explore what emlyon has offered and learn what you can do in the changing world with advisors and peers !



Time: 18:30, Jan 11, 2019

Venue: VIP Room 8, Fifth Floor, Four Seasons Hotels, No.500 Weihai Road, Shanghai

Mr. Kenneth Lai

emlyon Global DBA 2017 Intake
Holding three master's degree in EMBA、Arts and Science
Chief Executive Officer
YanFei Investment Group co., LTD

Invited by emlyon Global DBA, Mr. Kenneth Lai from emlyon Global DBA of 2017 intake will host this event. Mr. Li served as Vice President of China Merchants Securities (Hong Kong), Managing Director of bank of China International, and now Chief Executive Officer of YanFei Investment Group co., LTD. He has been engaged in private equity investment and financing for many years. He will share with the guests his original intention of studying for a doctoral degree, as well as his unique harvest and experience after studying for a doctoral degree.

In addition, this event will invite Prof. Yeming (Yale) Gong of emlyon business school and Dr. Yuan Jiang,vsiting Professor of emlyon business school will share with you the following topics:How to use AI to achieve the competitive advantage, growth vs cost cutting? Which one is better approach for AI-based Global Operations Strategy? How to nurture the innovative AI-based ecosystems? And an overview of research in the field of organizational behavior and management, as well as its connection to practices in organizations which show the value and significance of psychological and behavioral research in organizations.

Event | New Era:Organizational Capability & Global Operations(Click on the article title for more information of speakers and themes. )


Time: 14:00, Jan 15th, 2019

Venue: 15, Boulevard Diderot, emlyon business school (Paris Campus)

Prof. William Hua WANG

Associate Dean of emlyon business school
Dean of emlyon business school Asia

At this event, entrepreneurs will have a one-to-one communication with Professor William Hua WANG in Paris, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia. Discuss important topics such as global economic growth, digital transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship, efficient management, sustainable development, personal career transition plan and even future research plan together with professor WANG.This event will also help you explore how to systematically analyze problems and find systematic solutions in combination with your deeply rooted industries and fields. Lead you to experience the fun of thinking, understand how to use knowledge and ideas to influence people and then maximize the impact of researchers and educators, so that they can influence more people.


Time: Feb,2019 (Registrants will be notified the time ahead of the event)

Venue(SHENZHEN):Wanghai Road, YOFLOWER, Shenzhen

Venue (GUANGZHOU):Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Registrants will be notified the venue ahead of the event)

The emlyon Global DBA Program Asia Track has been specifically designed in response to a growing need of business leaders to challenge current business practice and devise new methods for progression in times of technological and geopolitical change, and increasing uncertainty.

After the Spring Festival, emlyon Global DBA Coffee Chat will visit the economic, cultural and scientific and technological innovation centers in south China:Shenzhen and Guangzhou. In this event, emlyon Global DBA program will share with you the insights and insights gained from management practices and the journey of DBAers in business administration to pursue their doctoral degrees.

▲Coffee Chat Venue(Shenzhen)- YOUFLOWER

▲Coffee Chat Venue(Shenzhen)- YOUFLOWER

Who to attend

Founders, Presidents, Board Members,

General Managers, Vice Presidents or CXO, etc.


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