Asia Campus  |  September 2019
Important Release | The Large-scale Report of 2020 GLOBAL COMPENSATION & BENEFITS TRENDS Compiled by emlyon business school and HRflag
  With in-depth insight into the development trend of global HR industry, emlyon business school Global HR & Organization Innovation Center work closely with international academic teams, and co-authored 2020 Global Compensation & Benefits Trends with the leading Chinese HR think tank HRflag, which was released on 20th September. This is the second heavyweight research report in human resources field following the first report of 2020 Global HR Science & Technology Trends released on 16th August. 
The Opening Ceremony of BUPT-emlyon GEMBA 2019 Intake Autumn Cohort
On the morning of Sep 19th, the Opening Ceremony of BUPT-emlyon GEMBA 2019 Intake Autumn Cohort was held in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). 44 Students attended the ceremony. And average age in the class is 38 years old and 62% of them above VP.

A number of leaders and guests were present at the ceremony,
including Prof. Tugrul ATAMER, Vice Dean of emlyon business school, Prof. William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and as well as leaders from BUPT. 
Global BBA 2+2 Program Opening Ceremony | New Semester, New Inspiration
  On 9th September, the opening ceremony of 2019 Global BBA 2+2 Program took place in Zizhu International Education Park, Shanghai. 12 students from Global BBA 2+2 Program embarked on their new journey with emlyon business school. Prof. William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon Asia, French Dean of Asia Europe Business School, Prof. Nikola ZIVLAK, Deputy Director Undergraduate/graduate programs emlyon Asia,
Mr. TANG Jifeng, Mr. CHEN Qinghua, President of Shanghai Zizhu College, along with other 10 guests of honor attended the opening ceremony.
Makers Forum | AI-Empowered Digital Transformation High-Tech Forum Successfully Held in Shenzhen
Digitalization Transformation Forum: Construction of New Eco-system under Digitalized Economy was held on 6th Sep 2019 in Beijing. More than 200 industry leaders explored the transformation of organizations in digital times. The Forum was hosted by Jason Zhang, Director of GEMBA program of emlyon business school. On the forum, Prof. William Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon business school gave a speech and suggested that "using digitalization to drive management change, and deepen digitalization transformation via management restructure is now becoming the main theme of creative enterprises in this new era".
Makers Forum | Digital Economy Transformation Forum was Held in Beijing
emlyon business school Digital economy transformation forum was held in Beijing on 18th Sep 2019. The Forum is hosted by Jason Zhang, Director of GEMBA program of emlyon business school. Prof. William Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon business school gave a speech and he shared that to promote management reform with digitalization and to deepen digital transformation with management reconstruction have become the theme of innovative enterprises in the new era.
Makers Forum | The New Trend of 5G and AI
Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival is officially opened on September 4th as a branding event to boost the construction of Shanghai Global Innovation Center. Professor William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon Asia, French Dean of AEBS is invited to attend the forum as a guest at the opening ceremony to discuss the new trend of 5G and AI with experts and scholars from various fields.

Professor WANG offers his thinking and two key solutions to answer how should "I" actively prepare for my career and avoid being replaced by artificial intelligence and machines: "AI, EI and CI in one" and "social responsibility going with humanistic care." 
Makers Forum | The Future is Here? Explore New Technological Innovation Situation with emlyon
On 6th September, 2019, the 2019 Leadership Forum of Pioneering Startups in Technological Innovation academically powered by emlyon business school was successfully held in Shanghai. Professor William Wang Hua, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon Asia, was invited to be the judge of the 2019 Pioneering Startups in Technological Innovation list. Professor of Marketing and Assistant Dean of emlyon Asia Prof Chen Junsong was invited to the event as the moderator of roundtable dialogue, which explored into the influence of technological innovation on economy, the society, and urban development and solutions thereof, contributing to the rise of a new economy.
Global Football Industry | Football and Branding in the Digital Age
In September, the 5th Frankfurt Football Summit took place in Germany. The event was organised by the ZEIT Publishing Group and offered an international platform of exchange on current trends in the global football industry. emlyon business school were represented at the event by Professor Simon Chadwick, Director of CESI – the Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry of emlyon business school
Internal Training & Sharing
emlyon Asia Branding Application (VI) Training Session
On 25th September, emlyon Asia Resources (Marcom) Department organized a training sharing session themed "emlyon Asia Branding Application". 13 project directors and marketing personnel from Asia campus were invited for discussion and sharing. The session was moderated by Joanna PAN, COO of emlyon Asia.

The training session covered the importance of and methods for VI management, VI application scenarios, and VI use guideline. By sharing and discussing cases of different projects, the training session enabled project members to further understand the importance of VI management and correct application of VI. The session lays a solid foundation for the brand promotion and brand influence expansion of emlyon business school in Asia.
Makers CSR
A Better World with You and Me
emlyon business school, as its 2019 charity cooperative partner, was invited to YICAI Foundation's 6th Anniversary Sharing Session on September 2nd. On the event day, more than 100 charity cooperative partners, personal partners, project partners, and volunteer representatives gathered in Shanghai to celebrate the anniversary of YICAI Foundation.

Ms. Joanna PAN, COO of emlyon Asia received award on behalf of emlyon business school, expressing the wish to work with YICAI Foundation on more charitable fields and build a better world together.
Program Office
ICP | Be An Expert in Asian Business
The 2019 fall Asian Campus Semester In-company Consulting Project (ICP) has kicked off on Thursday, September 5th, 2019 in Zizhu International Education Park. About 130 attendees participated in the meeting, including ICP company supervisors, ICP academic tutors as well as students from different backgrounds.

The ICP Kick-off meeting is the first official meeting where company supervisors, academic tutors and students will gather together, getting the detailed ICP information at the academic level and discussing the project in group for the first time.
Orientation | How early makers Embrace Cultural Diversity
emlyon business school Asia campus welcomed 167 students from China and abroad in September, including 99 students from Grande Ecole Program, 13 students from European Triple Degree Program, 20 from BBA S7 program,12 from Global BBA 2+2 program and 23 students from Casablanca study trip.

A series of orientation activities were organized in order to help students get prepared before embarking the new semester, students cultivated the early makers sprit in "early makers workshop" understood each other and developed their personal network in "culture integration activity", and went out for an adventure in teams in Shanghai in "urban exploration activity" and discovered the digital economy through Alibaba visit.
Culture Exchange, Global Insights | Casablanca BBA Study Trip
On September 19th, 2019 the 10-day Casablanca BBA-Shanghai learning trip has successfully concluded. 23 students from emlyon business school Casablanca Campus came to Shanghai and participated in the program. During the 10-day learning trip at emlyon business school Asian Campus, Casablanca BBA students were provided with opportunities to discover, witness and acquire a preliminary understanding of China's enormous and extremely diverse culture via insightful cultural and business courses and conferences as well as a range of integration activities with local students.
emlyon Knowledge
Nikos BOZIONELOS: A Secret Master Plan for Your Job Hunting
Sustainable career development planning can make you more at ease with your job when the workplace is always full of fierce competition and great challenges. Professor Nikos BOZIONELOS has given his professional advice and guidance on multiple hot issues of career planning during our interview done recently. 
Wenxuan Ding: AI-Empowered Digital Transformation and Restructuring Enterprises
A society entering the digital era poses challenges of industrial restructuring to businesses. Digitalization typifies dynamic information, whose uncertainty promotes enterprises to get into deep understanding of the characteristics and approaches of digital transformation. Professor Wenxuan Ding presented a comprehensive analysis on how AI helps enterprises to carry out digital transformation and clarified the important role of AI in such a process. 
Global DBA 2017 Intake Rui DONG was Interviewed by Shanghai Airline on the Topic of His Driving on the Spread and Development of Art in All Efforts
In Sep 2019, Dong Rui, as the founder of Art Market Newsletters, Chief Researcher of Art Market Research Center (AMRC) and a participant of 2017 emlyon Global DBA was interviewed by Shanghai Airline. As report goes, focusing on modern art in the 20th century and contemporary art, Dong Rui often visits major themed and retrospective exhibitions at worldwide art museums. It helps him to reflect on China, the times, the genres and himself with a global vision, from the perspective of modern and contemporary art history. 
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