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3 emlyon Asia Student Alumni Organizations Launched Successfully
  On April 27, 2019, the launch ceremony of emlyon forever North China, Sport Club and Wellness Club was held in Beijing. More than 200 students and alumni, and other distinguished guests attended the ceremony.

Professor Tawhid CHTIOUI, Dean of emlyon business school, also sent his congratulatory video, "so all my congratulations for these
initiatives which will for sure contribute to the development of emlyon reputation in Asia and give to our students and alumni more opportunities to connect and expand their networks." And Professor William Hua WANG together with many guests present, launched the inauguration ceremony of the emlyon forever North China, the Sports Club and the Wellness Club, and celebrated this milestone.

The newly established emlyon forever North China, adhering to the spirit of early makers and the strategy of innovative thinking and healthy life, will build a platform for students and alumni to exchange and learn. 
Launching Ceremony | New outlook of Europe-Asia Sport Industry Cooperation
  On April 29, 2019, emlyon business school Eurasian Sport Industry Development Forum and Launch Ceremony of the Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry (CESI) was held successfully in China National Convention Center, Beijing concurrently with the Graduation Ceremony of emlyon-Vning EDP Sport Program. Professor Tawhid CHTIOUI, Dean of emlyon business school, sent his congratulations and best wishes to EDP graduates.
The Forum deals with the development direction and focus of the sports industry in view of status of the sports industry in Eurasia. Professor Simon Chadwick delivered a keynote speech themed with "New outlook of Europe-Asia Sport Industry Cooperation" and shared the guests with detailed information on CESI.

During the ceremony, emlyon Asia has signed memorandums of strategic cooperation with Beijing Sport University, Vning Sports and Mailman to better attain its strategic development goal of digitization and globalization. "We'll provide stakeholders with the integrated industry-university-research platform and abundant alumni resources and social network for win-win cooperation and resource sharing." noted Professor William Hua Wang. 
The Opening Ceremony of BUPT-emlyon GEMBA 2019 Spring Cohort Held Successfully
  On April 28, 2019, the Global EMBA 2019 Spring Intake welcomed its new participants. Fifty students attended the opening ceremony in Beijing together with Professor William Hua WANG, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, and senior management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, our partner for the program.

"We aim to contribute preparing managers and leaders to work in a
changing Asian economy while also fostering innovation and an enterprising spirit in order to support the growth of this continent on the move." Professor Tawhid CHTIOUI, Dean of emlyon business school, welcomed the participants and wished them a successful program.

Professor William Hua WANG, Dean of emlyon Asia, welcomed the new participants and shared his insights under the theme of the "Early Makers in the Digital Era". He also encouraged the participants to actively create the business civilization and corporate culture on the basis of the oriental values and glory. And working age. Finally.
Marco Polo's Expedition in the New Era
  April was a prosperous and fruitful month for emlyon business school bachelor master programs. 458 students came to emlyon business school Asia campus and started their discovery of the new semester, including 301 students from MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, MSc in Sports Industry Management, MSc in International Hospitality Management and MSc in Data Marketing and Data Science; 95 students from MSc in Management- Grande Ecole and 62 students from specialized master.
In order to help the students gain the preliminary understanding of China's economic power and get motivated for the coming semester, Prof. William Hua WANG, Dean of emlyon Asia; Prof. Nikola ZIVLAK, associate professor and deputy director of China bachelor/Master program, made welcome speeches in represent of emlyon Asia. Mr. ZHOU Wei, Founder & CEO of Xnode, Mr. Matthieu BODIN, international growth director of XNode introduced the innovative Chinese market to international students, Ms. Jasmine JI, HR head of CHINT electrics, shared their insights on the value of Asian Campus Semester on students' career path. 
Executive Education
emlyon Challengers Triumph at the 14th "Road of Xuanzang" Gobi Challenge for Business Schools
For the first time participating as a Category A team in the 14th "Road of Xuanzang" Gobi Challenge for Business Schools, the emlyon ChuangCache Team completed the 108-kilometer extreme challenge after 4 days and 3 nights traversing the harsh Gobi Desert. During this journey, the team held on to its original goals and showed great camaraderie as they complete the race. In this 14th Gobi Challenge, emlyon won the "Top Popularity Award", "Endeavor Award" and "Shackleton Award", dubbed as the Oscars of the Gobi.

The challenge may be over, but it is a brand-new start for every member of the emlyon-ChuangCache team. Reflecting on the take-home message of "ideality through action and transcendence through persistence", the team members expressed their confidence that "Nothing can stop us now that we've completed the Gobi race!"
The 14th Gobi Challenge Expedition Ceremony for emlyon-ChuangCache Team Held Successfully
The Welcome Ceremony for the 2019 batch of the BUPT-emlyon GEMBA program and Set-Off Ceremony of the 14th Gobi Challenge for Business Schools was held in Beijing on April 27, 2019. At the ceremony, a video presentation was made to showcase the preparations of the emlyon-ChuangCache Team for the Gobi Challenge. Prof. William Hua Wang, Dean of emlyon Asia and Prof. Wang Huan, Executive Dean of the School of Economics and Management, BUPT handed out certificates to the sponsored students of the 14th Gobi Challenge in acknowledgment of their participation.

Fang Haolong, Wang Peng and Wei Jiadong — leaders of three Gobi Challenge teams — briefed about the formations of the teams and their respective roles. The ceremony culminated when all members took an oath to express their readiness and enthusiasm.
Graduation Ceremony of the Third EDP for Global Sports Industry Leaders Successfully Held in Beijing
On April 29, 2019, the graduation ceremony of the Third emlyon-Vning EDP Program for Global Sports Industry Leaders was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Addressing the graduates, Prof. William Hua Wang, Dean of emlyon Asia, conveyed his expectation that all graduates will put their newly acquired knowledge into the booming sports industry.

"Today, we have something to celebrate, because you have done something important. You have completed an international, challenging, top-level study path. Congratulations! Welcome to our global communities around the world." Professor Tawhid CHTIOUI, Dean of emlyon business school, sent his congratulations and best wishes to EDP graduates.
emlyon-China Elite Global Innovation Management EDP Program Forum Successfully Held
On April 30, 2019, the emlyon-China Elie Global Innovation Management EDP Program successfully hosted the "2019 China (2nd) Empowerment Management Innovation Forum" in Beijing. Prof. William Hua Wang, Dean of emlyon Asia; Mr. Shen Xiaobin, Senior Partner of China Elite and Founder of Innovation Leadership Center for Excellence, Mr. Yang Pengbo, Senior Partner of China Elite and Chairman of Xintairuan delivered keynote speeches under the Forum's main theme "Exponential Growth — Business Model Innovation and Strategic Leadership in the Age of Uncertainty", sparking heated discussions.
emlyon Global DBA Coffee Chat was Held in CCIFC in April
On April 13, 2019, the emlyon Global DBA Coffee Chat was held in CCIFC, which gathered senior executives and entrepreneurs who are longing for a DBA journey in the future. Prof. Junsong CHEN participated in the event. He shared how to choose business management topics with research value and establish management concepts and methodologies during the study and how to turn their own industry insights and management experience into a structured knowledge system that is ready to disseminate and benefit the industry and the society in this event. By taking this opportunity, participants have a better understanding of emlyon Global DBA program and get new inspiration of challenging current business practice and devise new methods for progression in times of technological and
geopolitical change and increasing uncertainty.
Coporate Relations
Match Talent with Industrial Needs
The 2019 summer Asian Campus Semester In-company Consulting Project (ICP) has kicked off on April 11 in Shanghai. emlyon Asia cooperated with around 49 domestic and international companies with over 54 real projects for 360 students to work with.

Prof. Antoine Haincourt, Program director of International MSc in Sports Industry Management program, Mr. Rüdiger C. Hollweg, General Manager of Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, Ms. Faye Yan, Senior Operation Manager China Bachelor & Master Programs of emlyon Asia, made keynote speeches at academic and industry level.

The ICP Kick-off meeting is the first official meeting where company supervisors, academic tutors and groups of students will meet up for an initial discussion of the project and the expectations regarding the final results. 
2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
Dr. Nikola Zivlak, Deputy Director for Undergraduate/Graduate Program of emlyon business school Asia, was present in Beijing this April, during the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Second Belt and Road Forum was organized on April 25-27 and President Xi Jinping welcomed leaders from 37 countries and delegations from 150 countries and there were 283 "concrete deliverables" and more than 64 billion USD worth of agreements signed.

Dr. Nikola Zivlak was in delegation from Republic of Serbia, and he had a pleasure to visit Ministry of Science and Technology in Beijing (MOST) and to exchange directly with Minister Mr. Wang Zhigang and his team. The topic of discussion was innovation and technological development and cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road.
China-EU Dialogue on Mutual Connectvity: Development and Prospect International Seminar
Dr. Nikola Zivlak, Deputy Director for Undergraduate/Graduate Program of emlyon business school Asia, joined China-EU dialogue on Mutual Connectivity organized in Beijing on April 12th, 2019. Event was co-organized by Centre for EU Studies at Renmin University of China and Centre for EU studies at Sichuan University and it attracted experts from Europe and China. The idea of the whole event was to discuss the progress in Belt and Road Initiative development in Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC) and South-East Asian countries.

Dr. Zivlak shared his experiences in organizing cooperation in field of education, with a special focus to innovation and entrepreneurship, between China, Europe and other countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. He also shared experiences with emlyon business school educating talents in China and Europe, and challenges facing European schools in Asia.
emlyon business school Become a Member of ASR (Alliance of Silk Road Business Schools)
emlyon business school has joined ASR (Alliance of Silk Road Business Schools) that was founded in June, 2016. It now has embraced more than 150 member schools. Besides Chinese members, there are nearly 100 universities and colleges from other 20 countries located in Silk Road area including Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Czech, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and so on.

ASR aims at uniting the distinguished business schools across Eurasia and Africa and building a cross-border communication platform for students, scholars and entrepreneurs, in order to promote the sharing and dissemination of commercial, economic and educational information, and to facilitate the establishment of a global club for business schools.

This will be a great opportunity for the whole emlyon business school and especially for the campus in Asia to expand cooperation and to partner with all the universities and institutions who belong to this Alliance.
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