Asia Campus  |  August 2019
emlyon Leads Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation by HR & Organization Innovation
  The emlyon business school Global HR & Organization Innovation Center (GHOIC) is officially established on August 16, 2019 at Waldorf Astoria Shanghai. The center aims to build up a global think tank of HR and organizational innovation for a continuous exploration of HR marketing-leading projects and to greatly empower the HR management professionals and entrepreneurs in the HR services field with global vision and innovative capabilities.
The distinguished guests of establishment ceremony today include nearly 100 professors and scholars from the emlyon business school, founders or heads of leading HR service brands across the nation, as well as the corporate HR leaders of both global and domestic leading enterprises, who gathered to witness the remarkable historical moment of the center. 
Report Released | Global HR Science and Technology Trends 2020 & Top 50 HR Technology Companies in China Market
emlyon business school, jointly with HRflag, a leading think tank of HR in China, recently released a world's first large-scale research report on HR science and technology titled Global HR Science & Technology Trends 2020. The epic report will systematically introduce the future trends and the disruptive impact of science and technology as relevant to the field of global HR management, aiming to provide cutting-edge insights and direction guidance to better  
empower successful HR management transformations for global enterprises.

Meanwile, Based on the research, the report has also released the Top 50 HR Technology Companies in China Market, setting a new benchmark and reference index for the HR technology industry. 
Exclusive Media Interview | What Types of Elites Business Schools Shall Cultivate
  The "Be an Elite", a public interest program for workplace, is jointly initiated by emlyon business school and Yicai Foundation. Recently, Invited by Yicai C+, a famous Chinese finance media, Dr. William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia and French dean of Asia Europe Business School of East China Normal University, expounded again on "what types of elites business schools shall cultivate". 
emlyon Asia Lifelong Learning Program Kicked Off
As a school with the mission of cultivating "early makers" for the world and developing lifelong employability, emlyon business school has always paid great attention to the changes and iteration of innovative ideas. It also expects to extend the scenes based on its own in-depth researches on the era, market and business inside and outside the classroom, making learning a lifelong undertaking.  
For this reason, emlyon business school Asia has specially launched for alumni the Lifelong Learning program in September, 2019, which aims to share the latest learning information, organizes various forums and courses, and provides opportunities and platforms to expand knowledge and exchange experience. 
Asian Campus Semester
2019 Fall | A New Journey for early makers
132 international students started their semester in emlyon business school Asia campus, including 99 students from Grande Ecole Program, 13 students from European Triple Degree Program, and 20 from BBA S7 program.

The opening ceremony of 2019 Fall Asian Campus Semester was held on August 29th, in emlyon Asian campus Zizhu International Education Park. Prof. Nikola ZIVLAK, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of China Bachelor/Master Program, welcomed the students in represent of emlyon Asia campus. Dr. Rodney CAO, Founder of, Mr. Matthieu BODIN, Director of International Business of Xnode, shared their insights on Asian business from industrial perspective. Ms. Xiaojun LI, student representative of emlyon business school Asia Campus, shared her learning and career experience and introduced the benefit of Asian Campus Semester from student's perspective. Ms. Mingyuan HUANG, Police woman from Shanghai public security bureau foreign affairs department, made the security introduction to the international students. Ms. Faye YAN, Senior Operation Manager made a program introduction to help students adapt to local life and familiarize with the program arrangement.
Executive Education
The First Updated EDP Program for Global Culture, Sports and Recreation Industry Kicked Off
From 2nd-4th August, 2019 emlyon business school, in joint effort with Vining Sports, the first updated EDP program for Global Culture, Sports and Recreation Industry Leaders witnessed its grand opening in Beijing. Prof. William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon business school Asia, expressed his wishes and expectations for all students on-site in a video. Previous advisory board member of State General Sports Administration, senior sports experts, founder and CEO of Vning Sports Dr. Ji Ning, Affiliated Professor of international recreation Prof. Michel Desbordes, EDP Director for emlyon business school Asia Mr. Ricky Ren-qi Shen attended the orientation ceremony.

EDP program for Global Culture, Sports and Recreation Industry Leaders is an upgrade version of the previous Global Sports Industry Leaders program. The new program breaks the boundary between sports and recreation industries, striving to cultivate leading talents for global culture, sports and recreation industries by offering an internationally leading EDP curriculum system.
Asian Leadership Camp of Wellness Industry Graduation Ceremony Held Successfully
On 18th August, the graduation ceremony of Asian Leadership Camp of Wellness Industry 3rd Cohort jointly developed by emlyon business school and Beauty Insight has been successfully held in Beijing. Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon business school Asia Prof. William Hua Wang, expressed his good wishes and prospects in a video for all students present in the ceremony. Ms. Zhou Yu, Founder and CEO of Beauty Insight, Prof. Lansai, EDP Academic Director of emlyon business school Asia, as well as Ms. Jane Jian-Wen Chen, expert of the Center of Organizational Change and Leadership presented and addressed the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held by EDP program director for emlyon business school Asia Mr. Ricky Ren-qi Shen with Ms Zhou Yu, Founder and CEO of Beauty Insight.

Students from the program testified that the systematic study in the program are of great benefits to them and that they will put the theories and case studies they learnt from the course into their future beauty career.
Makers CSR
Good Business Creation Meeting in the Utopía Village
For a better vision, on August 31, 2019, under the calling of Good Business Centre of emlyon business school, more than 20 representatives from Alibaba, Wework, Daily Economic News, Workface and other consulting and training institutions, as well as university professors and media editors gathered in the Ideal Village of Jijiatun in Suzhou to consider the meaning of "Good Business", discuss the rules and implementation of "Good Business". We intended to find a space for good business and to create a healthy environment for us and for the next generation.

"Good Business" program was launched three years ago by emlyon business school and Daily Economic News, with special sponsorship from SynTao and co-sponsorship from Workface. Three years have passed by and old colleagues scattering across cities were brought back together. New friends who joined for the word "good" proposed insightful suggestions and opinions on "good business".
A New Harvard Business School Case
Why Do We Teach with Cases?
A new Harvard Business School case study by one of our emlyon professors: Keinan, Anat, Klaus Heine, Marie-Cecile Cervellon, and Sandrine Crener. "Mercedes and the Relaunch of Maybach: Reviving a Heritage Automobile Brand." Harvard Business School Case 519-099, June 2019.

The case traces the growth of Maybach from its origins as a pioneer in car manufacturing to its relaunch by parent company Mercedes Benz AG (now Daimler AG). It covers the relaunch strategy implemented by the German car manufacturer and examines the challenges of reviving a prestigious but dormant brand in an increasingly competitive luxury market. 
emlyon Knowledge
Implicit Cognition-- New Situation of AI
Recently, Dr. Wenxuan Ding, Professor of AI and Business Analytic at the emlyon business school,presented her paper at one of the most prestigious annual conferences on artificial intelligence - the 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), August 10-16, 2019, Macao, China. She proposed a new dynamic model that offers a novel method for the machine to establish knowledge about an unknown world. 
Dancing with Wolves: How Value Creation and Value Capture Dynamics Affect Complementor Participation in Industry Platforms
Industry platforms shape the interactions among participating firms, especially between the platform owner and its complementors. However, little research has examined how such dynamics would influence the initial participation by complementors. Based on the coopetition perspective, Prof. Sai Lan, Associate Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of emlyon business school, Kun Liu and Yidi Dong develop hypotheses about the relationship between platform owner's value appropriation potential and complementor participation, at platform initiation. 
Exclusive Media Interview
The Theory of Talent Evolution and Future Elite
Anson Tang, Co-Director of Global HR & Organization Innovation Center (GHOIC), emlyon business school, was invited by Yicai C+,a famous chinese finance media, to present his review of and outlook on talent development from the perspective of "talent evolution and future elites". 
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