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Cultural Event | emlyon Dragon Boat Team Made a Splash in the 16th Shanghai International Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Invitation Tournament
  Honored as the only invited team from international education institution, emlyon business school dragon boat team participated in the 16th Shanghai International Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Invitation Tournament on June 1st and 2nd and ranked No.6th in the international group. As the largest event for the celebration of Dragon Boat Festival in Shanghai, more than 1000 professional and amateur athletes from 88 teams from seven countries competed in
the International Dragon Boat Invitation Tournament along Suzhou Creek. Also the most important cultural event for international students in Asian campus summer semester, 14 international students and 1 alumni celebrated the Chinese 2000-year-old festival in the traditional race, along with Chinese paddlers, in Shanghai. 
11th University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Achievements Exhibition and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
  Two BBA students from emlyon business school accompanied by Assoc. Prof. Nikola Zivlak, Deputy Director of Undergraduate/ Graduate Programs Asia joined the 11th University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Achievements Exhibition and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), organized in Beijing from May 20th to May 25th, 2019.

This year's exhibition, with the theme of "I innovative and I am responsible", further highlights the spirit of the young students' role in the era and the unique integration of dual education. The exhibition received more than 180 entries, including creative design, robotics, education culture, digital entertainment, information services, smart life, intelligent hardware and other fields. There were variety of interesting projects presented including 5G+AI intelligent security robots, 3D light field display of "opening space naked eye 3D light field display", 3D virtual AI partners, etc.

emlyon BBA student from Paris Ms. Lucile Carmont and BBA student from Casablanca Ms. Maroua Katni travelled to Beijing to introduce a project called Glycem-e developed by their team. Once it is developed this product can potentially change lives of millions of people around the World who suffer from different types of diabetes, and it includes very advanced solutions.

Project introduced by emlyon's students was very well received by the audience, and at the same time this was a great opportunity for emlyon business school to strengthen the relationship with BUPT, our old partner in Beijing.
DTTT Boss Review Held Successfully in Shanghai
  A "Boss Review" seminar cum admission briefing for prospective students of the Digitalized Teaching the Teacher (DTTT) Program was held in Shanghai on May 25th, In this event, emlyon Asia invited two DTTT inaugural alumni—Dr. Cao Cheng, founder of Brandvista, and Ms. Zhao Ya, HRVP of Autoliv China—to share their experience through "storytelling". Shen Renqi, Director of the EDP program of emlyon Asia, also elucidated the characteristics of "empowering
leadership" and "mentor-type entrepreneurship", putting them in the context of the DTTT program and the "storytelling" ability of business executives.

Dr. Cao summarized the seven rules of effective storytelling in simple language, whereas Ms. Zhao highlighted the importance of "personality labels" and how to define them, drawing from her own experience.

The interesting topics were well received by the audience, which participated in active discussions. Taking the opportunity, the EDP Program promoted the executive education opportunities available at emlyon Asia, especially the DTTT course.
Executive Education
Full Research Proposal and Academic Banquet was Held in Shanghai
On May 4, 2019, emlyon Global DBA Full Research Proposal and Academic Banquet was held in Shanghai. Prof. William WANG Hua, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon Asia, Prof. Junsong CHEN, Assistant Dean of emlyon Asia and Director of Global DBA Asia Track, Prof. Hao TAN, Visiting Professor and DBA Advisor of emlyon business school, Mrs. Joanna PAN, COO of emlyon Asia were present at the event and shared the good times among emlyon Global DBA 2017, 2018 and partly 2019 participants. There are feasts for both minds and aesthetics. All of them perceived the elegance of life and culture of emlyon business school. Some participants of 2017 and 2018 intake shared the harvest of the full research proposal and all of participants felt the kindness of emlyon mutual support and help. 
Workshops of emlyon Global DBA 2017 and 2018 Intakes were Carried Out in Shanghai
From May 3rd to 11th, 2019, the workshops of "Full Research Proposal Defense" for emlyon Global DBA 2017 intake and "Literature Reviews: What are they and why do them" for emlyon Global DBA 2018 intake were carried out simultaneously in Shanghai, which inspired creativity and collision in the specific research interests and directions of the participants.

By taking these workshops, Global DBA students of 2018 intake got the ability to review literature. And for GDBA students of 2017 intake, they got a professional guidance by Prof. Junsong CHEN and Prof. Sherriff Luk in terms of Research Questions, Research Model, Literature, Hypothesis Development, Data Collection, Presentation Skill, etc. These two workshops help DBA participants have laid a solid foundation of the further writing of doctoral theses.
Two emlyon Global DBA Program Asia Track 2019 Coffee Chat was Held in Shanghai
On May 12th and May 26th, 2019, emlyon Global DBA Coffee Chat was separately held in Shanghai. These two events gathered senior executives and entrepreneurs who are longing for a DBA journey in the near future. emlyon Global DBA program invites Mr. Ray DONG, Founder of Arts & Collections Corporation shared his DBA life and research topic, and how to convert his years of industry wisdoms and experience to a theoretical level through his doctoral research. By taking this opportunity, participants have a better understanding of emlyon Global DBA program and knew by exploring practices and cutting-edge knowledge in our program, how they join hands in creating insights that benefit their own enterprises, industry and the society.
emlyon Becomes the Member of The Alliance of Belt and Road Business Schools (ABRBS)
On May 21st, 2019, emlyon has become the full member of the Alliance of Belt and Road Business Schools (ABRBS), a joint platform of higher management educational institutions. This Alliance is committed to integrating the Sino-foreign education resources, environment and teaching mode, to exploring the new mechanism of training transnational high-level managers, and to establishing an international platform to promote economic and trade activities, international capacity cooperation, infrastructure construction projects landing, scientific and technological achievements transformation, and educational resource sharing for the countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

emlyon business school, and especially Asia campus, will definitely explore possibilities to cooperate with other members of this Alliance, especially in building joint programs. Dr. Nikola Zivlak, Deputy Director of Undergraduate/Graduate programs in Asia already had a meeting with representatives from Harbin Institute of Technology to explore the opportunities for further cooperation. At the same time, he also emphasized the role of emlyon Asia in innovation ecosystem in Shanghai and China, and provided some suggestions for the further development of the Alliance.
Company Visit
Early Maker Experience | Company Visit to Neobay
On May 29, 2019, students from emlyon Asia visited Neobay, the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Clustery, organized by Prof Nikola ZIVLAK of emlyon Asia. The visit is aimed to enhance students' understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in China and further cultivate their "early maker" spirit. Thanks to the visit, students immersed themselves into the ecosystem of innovation in Shanghai and gained the ways for cooperating with others, starting businesses and creating new projects. With great interest in a variety of innovative exhibits and ecosystem of Neobay, students expressed their willingness to further cooperate with Neobay in innovation and entrepreneurship. 
In-company Consulting Project
Match Talent with Industrial Needs
The 2019 Summer In-company Consulting Project (ICP) within the Asian Campus Semester has entered the middle stage. ICP aims at providing an opportunity for students to experience and understand essential aspects of business environment in China/Asia and for companies to cultivate talents and drive recruitment exercises across the globe. This semester, 57 ICP student groups has presented their mid-term works. The ICP mid-term presentation represents an important milestone, as each student project group delivered their mid-term report and gave an oral presentation to the ICP jury, summarizing and highlighting the progress made so far.
Maker Forum | 2019 Global Cultural Travel & Boutique Accommodation Summit Recap
The Global Cultural Travel & Boutique Accommodation Summit was held in May 17, 2019. The summit was attended by more than 600 guests from governments and businesses around the world, and close to 100 media agencies who provided online and offline coverage.

Prof. Sherriff LUK, Deputy Academic Director of DBA and EMBA Programs, presented the Leading Companies of the China Cultural-travel Accommodation Industry Award on behalf of emlyon, which was represented in the summit as a knowledge sponsor. Students and alumni from emlyon business school also participate in this event and enjoy an insightful night.
emlyon at the Forefront of Innovation | The First Chinese Product of the Year Unveiled
The first annual Product of the Year China Award Ceremony was held in Shanghai on May 21, 2019. Originated in France in 1987, Product of the Year (P.O.Y.) has become the largest consumer-voted innovative product award of the world. As an important partner of this event, emlyon business school, the top French business school in innovation and entrepreneurship, jointly promoted this new trend of maker innovation.

Chen Junsong, Professor of Marketing and Assistant Dean of emlyon Asia, was invited as an expert in the judging panel of the event, and provided professional guidance in jointly selecting the annual awardees. Among the 40-plus candidates under review, innovative products from Unilever, Pepsi, Heineken, Xiaomi, Huawei, Frosch, White Horse Light Years and other companies were named Product of the Year after expert review and consumer voting.
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