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Report on ICT Industry Business Environment in China Published
  emlyon business school and Roland Berger jointly published the Report on ICT Industry Business Environment in China, concluding that the large size and fast growth of the industry was attributable to the continuous optimization of the business environment in the country. The report also offered a list of suggestions upon which stakeholders may act to drive further growth of the global ICT industry. The Report won the attention and distribution from 200+ media at home and abroad as well as from inside the industry. 
Donation Campaign | emlyon Asia Alumni Network
Recently, there have been over 100,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in France and the combat against the epidemic in the country has been fierce. emlyon Asia Alumni Network called for fundraising on April 14th, 2020 for purchasing necessary medical supplies for emlyon teachers and students and for workers on the frontline of the combat. As of April 17th, 2020, the alumni network received donations of CNY 77,388 from 53 unique donors, including from  
alumni Ma Lei, Liu Chenjun, and Li Yongqiang. 24,000 masks were donated by Ms. Chen Li from Youlan International Women's College and alumni Shen Yuting and Li Chunjiang.
Executive Education
Different Teaching Methods, The Same Exploration of Knowledge
During the special period of the epidemic, emlyon Global DBA Asia track 2019 intake participants continued their academic progress, and the course of qualitative research methods was innovatively launched online from April 9th to 12th. The courses are taught by Professor Chen Junsong and Professor Sherriff LUK respectively. Online teaching, across the screen, DBA participants actively spoke and interacted with each other, more in-depth understanding of how to collect and analyze targeted data, and how to collect the data most conducive to the research topic.

This course not only expand GDBA participants' research skills, but also let them know more about the challenges of qualitative research. The cross level interaction between group discussion and senior participants is more brainstorming and sparking. Under the epidemic situation, online teaching has narrowed the distance between each other, and let our GDBA students continue to refine their research journey.
GDBA Online info-session: The Global financial market fluctuations caused by COVID-19
On the afternoon of April 18th, Dr. Jun Lu, DBA Advisor and Associate Professor of Finance at emlyon business school was invited by emlyon GDBA Air Forum and Intake 2020 Information Session to share his insights on the "Turmoil and Changes in the Global Financial Market". The lecture drilled down into the future trend of the global financial market and the responses of various countries in the context of COVID-19, followed by an exciting penal discussion of Dr. Lu, Mr. Wu Chen, Executive Editor-in-Chief of The Economist Global Business Review and Ms. Lou Hailin, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley Asset Investment, on "Chinese and Global Capital Markets under COVID-19", sharing their cutting-edge insights and in-depth reflections. This online info-session attracted widespread public attention, with nearly 130,000 views.
BUPT-emlyon GEMBA Live Courses Gaining Influence
The Covid-19 pandemic slackens Chinese economy and exerts huge pressure on corporate survival and development. Therefore, BUPT-emlyon GEMBA Program launched live courses in April. The program invited professor Gong Yeming from emlyon business school, visiting professor Yuan Zhigang and professor Lv Tingjie and professor Yang Xuecheng from BUPT, who delivered 4 courses on corporate silver lining strategy, global economic plight, 5G layout in new infrastructure construction and intelligent economy respectively. The courses were broadcast live and widely acclaimed by students and alumni for professors' sharing of keen insight and real cases.
Enterprise Development Reshaped in Digital Transformation Sharing Session Empowering emlyon Students and Alumni
April 28th, 2020 emlyon business school, as the provider of academic support, hosted together with alumni enterprise Shenzhen Landray Software Co., Ltd. and the Digital Observer Online a sharing session "Post-pandemic Age: Digital Transformation Reshapes Corporate Development-Digitalization · Helping Enterprises-Collaborative Office Session". Professor Gong Yeming, director of Global Business Intelligence Center of emlyon business school delivered a lecture "Corporate Crisis and Challenges in Pandemic", expounding with vivid cases on enterprises' digital transformation.
Certified B-school Lecturer Program for "Career Dynamics" in Post-pandemic Era
April 26th, 2020 emlyon business school Certified B-school Lecturer (CBL) Program launched its live broadcast online, inviting Qian Guoxin, director of emlyon business school Career and Leadership Development Club, Global DBA participant, President of VHR, to share his insight into the"Career Dynamics" in Post-pandemic Era. With vivid cases, Qian's sharing with 1000+ audience on how to drive our long pursuit of career excellence in post-pandemic era provided a guidance to our thinking over professional development.
Media Exposure
Interview | Online Classrooms, a New Situation of EdTech Brought by Pandemic?
As the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies, the impact on all walks of life continues to grow. Amid the current crisis, David Gosset, senior consultant at emlyon business school Asia and founder of Europe-China Forum, teamed up with China Daily (a well-known foreign language media in China) to launch "A Time of Resilience", an exclusive interview series on the global pandemic, to discuss how enterprises can survive amongst the crisis. A recent interview with Professor William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon Asia, French Dean of Asia Europe Business School, discussed the hot topics like the educational technologies, entrepreneurship and so on.
Interview | After Pandemic, Responsible Consumption an Imperative
Environmental protection, social responsibility and sustainable development, how far are they away from people's consumption consciousness and behavior? To answer this questions, Professor William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon Asia, recently accepted an interview held by China Sustainability Tribune. In the interview, he held a positive attitude towards integrating social responsibility into consumption consciousness and behavior, believing that in the future, enterprises should reach the value consensus and resonance of sustainable development with consumers in their brand-based growth.
Alumni Events & Activities
Online Information Session on Job Hunting in Finance | Career & Leadership Club + PWC + ORA
On April 19th, 2020, emlyon Career & Leadership Club, together with PWC and Overseas Alumni Association (ORA), held an online information session on "Instructions about Job Hunting in Finance," which was viewed over 1,000 times. They shared information about what talents are being demanded by the financial sector, relevant career experience, as well as how to write and submit a resume.
Live Talk Series: Smarter Service for the Aged Empowered by Digitalization | emlyon Alumni North China+ BIC Healthcare Chapter
Following interviews about home quarantine and digital changes of medical institutions, Qu Xiaoying, Executive Director of emlyon Smart Comprehensive Health Center, put on another live talk for emlyon Alumni North China on April 27th, 2020. Li Xia, doctoral supervisor and chief physician of Shanghai Mental Health Center, and Ding Yong, the founder and CEO of Shanghai iCare Elderly Service Co., Ltd., were invited to discuss with an audience of 2,000 about the demands of elderly care from the perspective of medical workers and how IT workers can establish a new generation of quality-of-life improving digital services for the elderly, and how using technology with consideration can satisfy basic and individual demands, more effectively ensuring healthy, convenient, and dignified old age.
Corporate Relations
Joint Research on 2020 Global Leadership Outlook | emlyon + DDI
In April 2020, research on "2020 Global Leadership Outlook" initiated by DDI and supported by the world-famous industry analyst, Josh Bersin, was officially launched with the intellectual support of emlyon. This research will cover more than 50 countries, 2,000 enterprises, 2,500 HR personnel, and 25,000 leaders around the world and, relying on the advantage of big data, provide profound insights into hot topics about global leadership, the utilization of leadership development methods, and the trending changes of global leadership.
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