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We Are HERE | Fighting COVID-19 with Wisdom and Finding Hope with Knowledge
The COVID-19 epidemic began its spread around the world, taking everyone off guard.

As a top world-renowned business school, emlyon business school's faculty, staff, alumni and students have stood shoulder to shoulder in the war against the COVID-19 and have actively taken up an international business school's due sense of responsibility. This determination to fight this epidemic has given our students, alumni, and partners a comforting sense of warmth.

The virus is being isolated, as our hearts are becoming one.

As of March 31, emlyon Asia team held nearly 100 online activities, with over 100,000 participants and up to more than 4 million video playback times. Positive energy thinktank articles pushed a total of 30 papers racking up 520,000 total views. At the same time, nearly 30 unique online activities—seminars, interviews, counseling services, etc.—all help applicants easily navigate emlyon's courses online and open more learning channels for students. Student satisfaction is as high as 97%. Executives Education programs are open on Master Class. Well-known experts, students, alumni, and industry elites are invited to launch online live courses to support the post-epidemic rapid recovery of enterprises.
Student and alumni
Donations: 180 million euros
    emlyon Asia students and alumni have also combined corporate resources and donated materials at the fastest speed. Their business units total approximately 1.4 billion yuan (180 million euros), helping the frontline of the epidemic to overcome many difficulties.
Cloud Classroom: 1200+ students, 6 online courses, 97% student satisfaction
    Since the COVID-19 outbreak, emlyon Asia has put 25 courses online, involving 3 programs, 26 teachers and 179 students from 22 countries. Student satisfaction is as high as 97%.
Professors & expertise: 520,000 views
A number of professors, were invited from artificial intelligence, humanities, digital economy, corporate management in many fields, etc., providing a broader perspective for deeper thinking.
Positive energy thinktank articles pushed more than 30 articles racking up 520,000 total views.
Expert impact: 220,000 views, 7000+ likes
The positive energy video and articles of David Gosset was shared on China Daily and International People's Daily and other media platforms reaching a video playback count of over 220,000 views and acquiring over 5,000 likes. emlyon's five campuses worldwide posted "Stay strong" videos, which were also shared in the People's Daily international and other media platforms forward, reaching a playback count of over 280,000 times and acquiring nearly 2,000 likes.
Research Center: 78,100 participants, 230,000 views
GHOIC held the Human Resources industry sharing session. Dozens of Global Fortune 500 enterprises and leading global companies located in China, including CHO, HRD, HRVP, etc. participated in the sessions. Out of a total of seven sessions, 78,100 people participated reaching a total of 230,000 playbacks.
CSR: 4 million views
  Public book club: The well-known, "The Economist," and the CLS jointly organized two online
    public readings helping to fulfill this international business school's social responsibility. 200+ people participated reaching nearly 2,000 video playbacks.
  Professor William Hua Wang was invited to the 2019 development strategy annual meeting of
    L'Oreal China themed "Think Huge Reimagine Beauty" and delivered a speech centering the theme of "beautiful consumption". Reported by more than 160 media outlets and reached 4 million views.
Battle COVID-19 with Love. emlyon Alumni on The Move.
The epidemic is claiming lives, emlyon business school Alumni Asia together with Overseas Returnees Association (ORA) was launching initiatives on January 28th and calling on more alumni to act. To take necessary protective measures for their family and themselves, to filter information, pass on positive energy, terminate rumors and establish prompt communication mechanism for battle synergy.

According to incomplete statistics, as of February 14th, emlyon business school alumni and their companies donated more than 150 million rmb (the value of donation and medical supplies) to support the fight against COVID-19.
Makers World
emlyon Speaking Up for China
David Gosset, senior consultant at emlyon Asia and founder of Europe-China Forum, voiced his backing on China Daily on several occasions. On 9 February, Gosset released a video clip, cheering up Chinese people against the pandemic amid their close ties with the world. He also stated that the coronavirus would not disrupt China's renaissance as the country had been accumulating resources as a real power since it embarked on its own road decades ago. On 18 February, Gosset toughly warned not to instrumentalize the outbreak for political purposes, calling the international community to learn from the epidemic and fight against the virus together. He further analyzed the relationship between China and the EU, drawing a conclusion that the coronavirus epidemic had not affected the partnership between the EU and China but had given rise to concrete solidarity.
Students of emlyon business school Voice Their Support of Wuhan in League 1
On February 16, in the 25th round of league 1 of Lyon vs Strasbourg, Lyon players showed their support of China by wearing T-shirts printed with "Wuhan Fighting". A warm and encouraging message displayed on LED screens during the break was extended to fans and those affected by coronavirus that Lyon supports China to overcome the pandemic at the earliest time.

This move of support was initiated by Zhenhuan WANG, an emlyon business school student who majors in sports management and is to graduate this year, and was finalized in a very short time.
Amid The Outbreak, The French and Chinese Students of emlyon business school Encourage Each Other By Videos
In February, emlyon Asia received a video made by the faculty, staff and students from emlyon Ecully campus. In the video, they extended their care and encouragement to China. The video was distributed by the short-video account of People's Daily and has been viewed for more than 100,000 times. In the middle of March when the coronavirus pandemic was rampant in France, the Chinese students of International Business Administration (IBA) extended their message to French students through video recording in online classes, conveying comfort, encouragement and anti-epidemic experience.
Students & Alumni
Online Gathering | Sports Club
A first online gathering was organized by Sports Club on March 8th. The gathering was to provide platform for emlyon EDP sports alumni to exchange, share and mutual support during the outbreak. The alumni shared their actions in the epidemic and future development plan, women entrepreneurship and other topics. Prof William Wang, Associate of emlyon, Dean of emlyon Asia, made a conclusive speech and encourage the alumni to integrate resources and have complementary advantages by working with each other and breaking the industry boundaries.
Online Job Fair | Career & Leadership Club Pre-Launch
Shanghai Talent Service Center, emlyon Career & Leadership Club and Oversea Alumni Association (ORA) co-present the online spring job fair 2020 for overseas graduates. More than 1000 exclusive positions are offered by famous companies on the platform.
North China Alumni Network Live Talk Series, 5 Events Attracting 2000+ Alumni to Join!
  Leadership Enhancement and Application in the
    Coronavirus Crisis - 13 February 2020
  How to Prevent Coronavirus after Getting back to
    Work - 17 February 2020
  Stimulate Team Wisdom and Improve Decision-
    making Efficiency - 26 February 2020
  How to Prevent and Respond to Intellectual
    Property Risks in New Media Operations? - 7 March 2020
  The Digital Transformation of Medical Institutions
    - 15 March 2020
Pandemic Stops No Schooling
From February 15th to 16th, 2018 intake DBA students' defenses will be conducted online, interactively. emlyon Asia's rapid response actively assisted students in successfully completing their defenses and gained wide recognition and affirmation from other students.
"Finance and Technology Wechat Classroom" Series of Live Online Courses
In February 2020, the BUPT-emlyon GEMBA program specially launched an online platform, offering services such as online lectures and remote Q&A. emlyon, co-renowned experts, students, alumni and industry elites, launched a special "Finance and Technology Master Class" series of live online courses to support the rapid recovery of enterprises after the outbreak, which has attracted nearly 4,000 people.
Students of emlyon business school Voice Their Support of Wuhan in League 1
The beginning of 2020 saw the spread of coronavirus, which stopped students from going back to schools. In order to shoulder its responsibility as an institution of higher learning, emlyon business school Asia pooled its academic resources and launched on-line public welfare courses. From 28 February to 13 March, professor Nikola ZIVLAK, Associate Professor Sai LAN, Professor Luk Ting Kwong, Professor Eric Bruzzone and Dr. Berard Axel developed 6 online courses, covering hot topics of innovative thinking, marketing, brand building, business globalization, international trade and cross-cultural communication. These courses have effectively helped isolated high school students to open up their horizons with a preliminary understanding of business. The average number of participants per class was 200 and the satisfaction rate reached 97%.
Live Broadcast with Love at Thousands of Miles Apart
Amid the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, in order to help students who are applying for undergraduate and master programs to have a better command of programs and application policies at the earliest time, our Asia Recruitment Team has organized two seasons of 20 on-line lectures in February and March.

The live broadcast has been well received by applicants, the number of whose visits totaled 3,443.

During this special period, the live broadcast was also actively responded and supported by students and graduates from various majors, with a total of 13 students participating in the live broadcast of the first and second seasons.
Makers CSR
Beautiful Consumption to Come in China After The Pandemic
Recently, Professor William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon and Dean of emlyon Asia, was invited to the 2019 development strategy annual meeting of L'Oreal China themed "Think Huge Reimagine Beauty" and delivered a speech centering the theme of "beautiful consumption", the video of which has been viewed for more than 4million times.

emlyon has always advocated the corporate responsibility and social innovation. Professor William Hua WANG said, "the pandemic might push the consumers to the very origin of consumption, where they pay closer attention to their family and themselves. The Beautiful Consumption Handbook 2020 initiated by emlyon, National Business Daily and L'Oreal China further illustrated the concept of beauty in public consuming behavior.
Online Book Club | Corporate Reform and Innovative Development Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
In the wake of the outbreak, emlyon Asia launched its good business social welfare activity---Online Book Club with century-old European journal Economist in February and March 2020 respectively. The first session presented some thinking on corporate changes from the perspective of pandemic spreading and the second one offered some reflections on how to diffuse innovations in the way the coronavirus transmits. Together with the important booklists introduced, the two events brought two feasts of thinking to those in the lockdowns. Guests and guiding readers invited included professor William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon and Dean of emlyon Asia, Prof Jiang Yuan, Adjunct Professor of emlyon Global DBA Program, Sai LAN, Associate Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, WU Chen, Chief Editor of The Economist, ZHOU Jiangong, former CEO of China Business News. Many students participated and asked questions. Online Book Club welcomed over 200 participated reaching nearly 2,000 video playbacks.
Media Exposure
Recently, Professor William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon and Dean of the emlyon Asia, accepted an exclusive interview with reporters from the Daily Economic News (a well-known financial and economic media outlet in China) on the topic of "good consumption behavior." Professor William Hua Wang said that good living is inseparable from good consumption habits and advocates sustainable consumption.
March 2020, the director of the Center for Eurasian sports industry emlyon, Professor Simon Chadwick, assisted a series of special reports on the surging epidemic in sports (on reputable Chinese media). Providing professional advice from many angles on the Tokyo Olympic Games, the European sports leagues, and other sporting events in light of the pandemic. The series of four reports hit over 500,000 total clicks on news sites.
Research Center
Since The War on The Epidemic, HR Has A New Role | GHOIC
February - March, 2020, emlyon, together with China's leading human resource management think tank HRflag, jointly launched a series of blockbuster "human resources strategy during uncertain times" virtual meetings, and digital HR Forums. These events brought together dozens of Global Fortune 500 enterprises and leading global companies located in China, including CHO, HRD, HRVP, etc. to jointly discuss the optimization and transformation of corporate human resources strategies in uncertain environments. Professor William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon and Dean of the emlyon Asia, was invited to make a concluding statement to the conference. He analyzed HR's new role during "wartime." Out of a total of seven sessions, 78,100 people participated reaching a total of 230,000 playbacks.
Corporate Relations
Public Online Talks: Moving Forward in VUCA | emlyon Asia + DDI
emlyon Asia, together with DDI, jointly launched a series of public lectures on "building confidence: moving forward in VUCA" from February 18 to 20. The topics covered remote management, increasing income and reducing expenditures, team efficiency improvement and etc. The event attracted more than 30000 participants online.

Another online learning programme for digitalized talent development officers was launched in March, helping participants master the new mindset and skills on talent development.
Online Conference: China's Outbound M&A 2019 Review and 2020 Outlook | emlyon Asia + Morning Whistle Group
Morning Whistle Group and emlyon Asia co-organized an online meeting on cross-border investment mergers and acquisitions under COVID-19 outbreaks. Wang Shiyu, expert of the Good Business Center, emlyon Asia delivered a keynote speech "The Third Wave of Globalization and China's Opportunity" at the conference.

Also, a specific annual report - China Outbound M&A 2019 Review and 2020 Outlook was released at the conference. More than 500 buyers, investors, professionals from service institutions attended the conference.
The 8th China Entrepreneurship Festival | emlyon Asia + PEGASUS Group
12 industry leaders, 33 vertical fields, 9 hour live stream. It took more 20000 participants to explore the new direction of DTC online on March 21st. Prof Sherriff Luk, Professor of Marketing, emlyon Asia was invited to deliver a keynote speech on "Good Life and Happiness: DTC Brand Building and Experience". His speech was highly appreciated by the 20000+ audience and received very positive feedback.
emlyon DBA Participant's Sharing on Employee Motivation | emlyon Asia + The Bund School
emlyon business school together with the Bund Business School present the online public lecture on February 16th. Mr Owen Qian gave a speech on how to motivate employees in a special period from the perspective of brain science? His sharing was very inspiring to the entrepreneurs and senior executives. More than 3000 audience attended the online event.
emlyon Knowledge
We are here | emlyon Knowledge Revelations
The impact and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic caused panic among individuals and businesses. However, scientific thinking and professional guidance might bring unexpected benefits and inspirations. In February 2020, emlyon Asia launched a thinktank revelation "We Are Here", inviting emlyon Asia's professors and students to disseminate knowledge from the perspectives of finance, corporate management, organizational leadership, brand building and social responsibility.
  Feb. 21 Sai Lan, associate Professor of Innovation
    & Entrepreneurship, Academic Director of EDP Program, Associate Operation Director of Business Intelligence Center (BIC), expounded on the driving force behind corporate development by analyzing the case of Gelead, world's leading pharmaceutical company in innovation.
  Feb.26 Wenxuan DING, Professor of Artificial
    Intelligence and Business Analytics, Deputy Director of Business Intelligence Center (BIC), illustrated the future trend of smart society from the perspective of artificial intelligence.
  Feb. 28 Dr. Jun LU, Associate Professor of Finance ,
    analyzed the dilemma of small and medium-sized enterprises from the perspective of finance, proposing to solve the difficulty through inclusive and affordable finance service and by taking self-help measures to enhance economic recovery when China is recovering from the pandemic.
  March. 3 Dr. Luk Ting Kwong, Professor of
    Marketing analyzed how to promote brands from political, economic and social perspectives to help individuals and enterprises turn crisis into opportunities.
  March. 13 Professor William Hua WANG, Associate
    Dean of emlyon and Dean of emlyon Asia and Dr. Wenxuan DING, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics, wrote an article to discuss the western countries' fight against coronavirus pandemic in Don Quixote's style, awakening the world with current situations and calling for actions.
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