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Are you a team, start-up or company that develops scalable solutions in Smart City industry? Are you looking to scale your project in different markets and difficult markets such as China? Would you like to find a potential partner or client while doing all things at the same time? We are looking for you!

Nihub and Tuya are organizing the Global Smart City Acceleration program. As one of the partners of the program, emlyon business school is delighted to invite our students and alumni to join it. This program will be an excellent opportunity for you to reach out to Smart City start-ups from different continents and help them to develop technologies, proof of concept, access different markets, and provide them support to scale up and commercialize technologies globally and in China.

Why you should care?

Tuya Has Smart-enabled more than 410,000 Device SKUs, available in more than 220 Countries, the program gives you the opportunity to directly connect and collaborate as their partner or developer. Together with Tuya’s extensive network, resources and global market presence, you will scale your Smart City solutions in multiple different markets.

Program Info

Start-ups in Smart Cities industries has a unique opportunity to scale their project through the program and qualify for the final competition where they can potentially be funded by Tuya or become their developer.

In each region batch will be organized in where it will be selected top 3 winners. The top three winners from the batch are going to finals and have opportunity to hatch big rewards!

Quick Summary

  • 4 regional batches, each region last 3 months
  • Regional rewards and benefits
  • Global rewards and benefits


Europe, Asia, North America, South America

Program Timeline

Europe Timeline

Rewards for Startups

Who can apply?

2-3 people team, start-up or a company from Europe.

Already developed concept or Idea in the Smart City industry with scalable solution.


All Smart Cities related subindustry (Digital Twin, Carbon Neutral, Smart Real Estate, Smart industry, Smart home, Smart healthcare, Smart Energy, Retail, Transportation, etc)

What are you waiting? Apply now!

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